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The following information is intended to help you plan your catering menu for your event at Riverdale Manor. Thyme & Seasons Catering, the exclusive caterer at Riverdale Manor, is proud to offer these popular menu items that have pleased many couples, their families, and friends.

Every wedding by Thyme & Seasons Catering is unique. Feel free to start with these suggestions and then create a menu that reflects your style and tastes. We can guide you in making seasonally appropriate menu selections and choices depending on the time of your event.

Wedding Events

Wedding Events Menu

Each new year brings updated menus to Riverdale Manor with a fantastic amount of selections of Thyme & Seasons Catering fare. Familiar and classic menu items with a fresh twist, updated presentations, and more emphasis than ever on flavors that flow beautifully from course to course will make your wedding even more memorable! The style of service for your event is the starting point for your menu selections. Seated served meals, stations, or buffets are the most popular formats for weddings. A seated served meal is a classic presentation well suited to formal affairs and accommodates guests of any ability. The meals are pre-selected by your guests in response to your invitation. This style of service requires the least amount of floor space if you are maximizing your guest list. A Buffet Meal can increase the variety of food choices that are offered but requires a considerable amount of space in the room. 

Buffets require three entrees and two or more side dishes. Station Style meal service offers the widest variety of food and is the most social presentation. Station events require at least three stations, each having at least one entrée and one side dish. Station style events can also limit floor space. Combinations of these styles, such as a served salad followed by a buffet or a seated served meal with a dessert buffet, are often used to help you make your reception unique. Cost differences between Seated Served and Stations are usually small, while Buffets generally require more food and service staff. Make your menu personal and unique, and start by browsing our menu to discover our unmatched variety of offerings!

Corporate Events

Corporate Events Menu

Thyme & Seasons Catering offers a focused corporate menu that can suit any budget, and we are always happy to create a custom menu that suits your style and helps you meet your goals. Thyme & Seasons Catering also caters events at your workplace. Planning a Grand Opening? We would love to be your partner in creating a fun menu and presenting it in a way that shows off your new facility.

Do you just need lunch brought in for a long meeting? Our corporate catering lunch menu brings together menu ideas from around the country and the world! Need beverages and snacks for breaks? We can supply them as well. We also have a full service catering menu to select from for your dinner or party and event planning needs. We are happy to deliver and set-up the buffet in your office. We are on-time, and our staff is quiet and efficient. Plus, our food is delicious!

Bar Services

We cannot provide the alcohol for beverages, but we can guide you in your selection; and we do provide bartenders and all necessary mixers, supplies, and equipment for your beverages. Please refer to our FAQ’s to learn more about our alcohol policies.

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